Superyacht Chef Intro Course

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Experience requirement:
Basic kitchen proficiency

2 days 


  • Lunches, tea, coffee
  • All course training materials.

Crew Accommodation on request in the V&A Crew House, Superyacht Training Centre

SYCA Certificate in Basic Galley Competence

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Our Superyacht Culinary Courses are practical hands-on skills development programmes recommended for anyone seeking work as a yacht chef. Successful completion of this course will set you up to work as a chef on Superyachts anywhere in the world.

Course Overview

The Superyacht Introductory Training Course is a 2-day preliminary training course that prepares students with no prior culinary experience an opportunity to prepare themselves to a level required to enter the 8-Superyacht Culinary course. This short course is an intense induction programme that teaches students everything they need to know about preparing themselves to work in a cooking environment.  We focus on training students to manage themselves in the kitchen including knife skills, classic recipes, and cooking techniques. 

The course is highly practical and students are put through an intense and rigorous programme to prepare them for the Superyacht Culinary Course. Each student is assessed to their skill level during the first few hours of the course, after which the tutor assists them in preparing for the practical days ahead.

The course starts with basic preparation skills concluding with a 2-course prepared dinner on the second day, leading up to the start of the Superyacht Culinary course.


Day 1:

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Introduction & basics
  • Nutrition
  • Knife Skills
  • Demonstrations and kitchen hacks
  • Meal Planning
  • Cooking Techniques
  • Bread and baking (part 1)
  • Soups (fish, vegetables, chicken, hot / cold)
  • Fish, shellfish and crustaceans – preparation and cooking
  • Roux based sauces
  • Emulsion sauces
  • Classic sauces

Day 2:

  • Eggs and breakfast items
  • Snacks, canapes and dips
  • Basic cakes
  • Bread and baking (part 2)
  • Meat – preparation, cooking and cutting
  • Vegetables – the preparation and cooking
  • Recipe creation and budgeting


Additional information

Cape Town

Wed 2 Oct – Fri 11 Oct, Wed 30 Oct – Fri 8 Nov, Wed 26 Nov – Fri 6 Dec, Wed 11 Dec – Fri 20 Dec, Wed 8 Jan – Fri 17 Jan, Wed 5 Feb – Fri 14 Feb, Wed 4 Mar – Fri 13 Mar, Wed 25 Mar – Fri 3 Apr, Wed 6 May – Fri 15 May, Wed 3 Jun – Fri 12 Jun


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