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Foundation Galley Chef Package is for applicants who do not have a recognized chef qualification or diploma but are reasonably proficient in the kitchen and may have restaurant or hospitality experience. The course is specifically for applicants who want to learn new life skills and enter the superyacht industry via the galley.  

The courses we offer do not train you how to cook. Although you’ll learn a lot of new tricks and tips in the kitchen, a reasonable understanding of cooking and prior personal cooking experience is required. Participants should have a reasonable level of cooking skills prior to attending this course. A previous chef qualification or cooking course certificate is not necessary but will be beneficial. 

Our training prepares you for most culinary eventualities at sea with emphasis on the modern Superyacht Industry and its typical demands in the varying roles. The course is structured into specific modules to provide yacht chefs with practical knowledge and experience, ranging from basic preparation skills to how to prepare and present a 3-course meal for guests on a sailing vessel.

We have set dates for our training programmes.  Each centre has their own training dates and schedules, so you’ll need to see which dates at which centres would suit you.  We run a single course per month, which includes the foundation and the advanced programme courses. Dates are unfortunately set and cannot change.

Yes you can, but you will need to be very proficient in the kitchen.  The first week of the Foundation course set students without culinary training to tackle the advanced course the following week.  ideally, you’ll need to do the 10-day course which will provide a complete training programme.

The Superyacht Culinary Academy is registered as a training provider with the International Yachting Training and the South African Chef’s Association.  Students will receive their certification through the IYT on completion of the course. A pass-rate of 70% is required to successfully complete the course.