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A Career Aboard a Superyacht is an Opportunity Unlike Any Other.

We prepare you to be the best you can be, so that you can reap the rewards of having the best and most comprehensive training worldwide. We have a 95% success rate for our students finding positions on board yachts. 

We pride ourselves in releasing crew into the superyacht industry that are skilled in their choice of career and can that we know will stand proud in this industry.

Chef Career

Steward/ess Career

Deck Career

Superyacht Culinary Academy is a South African Registered Training Organisation and Industry Leader.

We offer fully accredited courses to enable you to secure the best positions on commercial or leisure vessels anywhere in the world. Whether you choose a career as a deckhand, superyacht chef or stewardess, our comprehensive training programmes will set you up to be the best you can be in any situation. We further advise you the industry regulations as to which courses are mandatory for Superyacht Crew and which are optional ‘CV improvement’ courses.

The Superyacht Culinary Academy is a single training facility that provides every aspect of training for you to obtain an illustrious career aboard superyachts. All our lecturers are specifically skilled in their particular fields and provide top-class training and first-hand experience of life on board superyachts.

Get started on your Superyacht Career Training by selecting one of the career paths below to find out what you need to become an accomplished and sought-after crew member on Superyachts

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“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did. So throw off the bowlines.”

Shirley Mitchell

Mentorship programme

Mentorship programme

Our mentorship and guidance programmes guide you through the first steps of your yacht career. This includes land-based support, direct connections with our seasoned training staff and direct contact with us as ongoing support. We provide further career advancement programmes and constantly assess each individual’s position on board how they can achieving their next best through additional training.

Internship programme

Internship programme

Our training centre is open to the public and features all the hospitality situations you would find on any vessel, regardless of size. We are located right next to the V&A Waterfront marina, making it the most accessible venue to do your internship prior to getting on board, adding value to your CV and providing invaluable training experience.

Travel and visa support

Travel and visa support

Our experienced consultants will advise you on the best possible locations for finding work and assist you in planning the best way to get you to where you need to be. We assist you with your yacht CV’s, plan your itineraries and documentation with you, set up visa appointments, book flights, crew accommodation and make sure you’re all set to travel to land the perfect yacht job.
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Land-based support

Land-based support

Once you start your programme with us, we add you to our growing list of yachties to connect, communicate and support each individual that goes through our training centre. This ensures that you are aware of what's happening in the industry and connects you to crew that are currently working in areas where you may be travelling to, ensuring your safety at sea.

Financial Literacy Assistance

Financial Literacy Assistance

We assist you in managing your hard-earned income so that when you decide to leave the industry, you have enough investments and assets to either retire or to secure yourself a comfortable lifestyle. Our financial literacy programs as specifically designed to support international yacht crew.

Online Support

Online Support

Communication means survival, knowledge, and support; we provide these with free online support groups. Starting in the Superyacht industry can be daunting and we have supported thousands of people entering the industry as green crew.
Our admin and training staff are always available to answer questions, providing the support you need.

“I would highly recommend Brett’s Superyacht Culinary Academy for anyone who wants to improve their cooking skills, while gaining valuable practical experience in a casual but focused environment. I’m off to the British Virgin Islands for the upcoming Caribbean season! Thanks again guys!”

Justin Nel

“I had such an amazing experience. Brett took my cooking skills and turned it into a professional skill that I am comfortable with to take with me into the the Superyacht world. I would recommend the Superyacht Culinary Academy to anyone who wants to take their profession to the next level. ” 

Shance Coetzee

The Superyacht Culinary Course was the perfect way to jumpstart my Cheffing career in the yachting industry. I learnt invaluable cooking and food presentation skills and gained practical experience working and preparing in a galley setting. I would highly recommend this course.  I have now  been working as a yacht chef for 9 years and loving it!” 

Jess Shipley

“The Super Yacht Culinary Academy teaches you everything there is to know on being a yacht chef. In a intense two week program, where you’ll be taught by a warm and very professional team, who push you out of your comfort zone every day.” 

Stephanie Spanjer

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We provide all the courses necessary for you to work on any vessel, anywhere in the world.

Our training is focused on providing the skills & confidence to deliver the best service and to secure the best positions on yachts. Our training programmes are internationally recognised and offer the best packages for you to start your career at sea.


We work with the best in the business. We are proud of our association with our partners, who trust in us to deliver the best in services possible.

We’re continuously looking for and applying for new certification programmes and services to add to our profile to deliver the best qualifications for our students.
South African Maritime Safety Authority
International yacht training
South African Chefs Association
Highfield Square awarding body for compliance
South African Culinary And Hospitality Educators Forum
The International Association Of Maritime Institutions
G.U.E.S.T. Program