The Superyacht Culinary Academy is an exclusive training platform for qualified or aspiring chefs to further their culinary careers on board Superyachts. We are the only dedicated professional training facility offering comprehensive practical hands-on culinary training, theory and practical courses for superyacht chefs. Our professional chefs provide all the relevant training required to work and succeed in any yacht galley.

Our courses teach students to plan and prepare 5-star meals for discerning clientele using the best and freshest ingredients. We change the way you work with food, highlighting new ways of thinking, planning and presenting first-class cuisine. It’s the ultimate learning experience and a unique travel passport for people looking to work on yachts. 


Our Superyacht Culinary Courses are structured to provide expert training in modern cooking techniques, food preparation, planning and presentation. We teach you the core skills required to cook to a professional standard on board a motor or sailing yacht. 85% of our training practical hands-on cooking provided by experienced professional chef tutors. 

We also provide essential training for amateur or professional cooks alike in preparing food to a professional standard. You’ll acquire the skills to start your career as a chef on any sailing vessel, superyacht yacht or simply enjoy the life skills of an accomplished galley chef. 


Our Superyacht Culinary programmes challenge students to think differently about how they work with food and what it represents.  Forget everything you know about basic food preparation. We focus on teaching a completely new way of planning, preparing and presenting food and challenge the boundaries of standard food presentation, pushing you to raise the bar and achieve new personal goals in culinary art.

Our courses are intense and cover everything from basic hygiene and cooking efficiency to 5-star food preparation under the guidance of a professional chef.




We have partnered with some of the best yachting service providers in the industry to offer you complete course packages. 

Each package includes all the necessary training for you to prepare yourself for working in the industry as a fully qualified professional. 

Packages may be tailored to suit your requirements and individual courses can be added or removed from your portfolio.  


Recruiting professional personnel for private and charter yachts is a very specialised business, and we make sure that you’re equipped with the right information and knowledge to enter the world of maritime hospitality industry.

Our course programmes include preparing you to find the best possible job to match your skills, and to ensure that you’re equipped with all the necessary documentation, information and knowledge to find your way into the best possible position.

We spend time with you preparing a CV, creating a chef’s portfolio and run through interview processes to assist you in preparation for employment.  We also put you in contact with the leading yachting employment agencies and connections to make your search for the perfect position that much easier.



Marine Fire Fighting
Elementary First Aid
Personal Safety & Social Responsibility
Personal Safety Techniques
Course Duration: 9 days
Course fee: R6990.00

Course Outline (in accordance with the IMO and SAMSA Codes)
Module One: Maintain conditions set out in a Ship Security Plan
Module Two: Recognition of Security Risk and Threats
Module Three: Undertake Regular Security Inspections of the Ship
Module Four: Proper usage of Security Equipment and Systems, if any
Course Duration: 2 days
Course Fee: R 3500.00 

STCW 2010 (Medical First Aid) – Shipping/Offshore

Course duration: 2 days
Course fee: R3500.00

Course duration: 5 days
Course fee: R7850

Non-certificate course

Course Duration: 1 Day
Completion Certificate
Cost: R2800

Course Duration: 2 days
Course Cost: R4200
Completion Certificate

Course Duration: 1 day
Course Cost: R2850
HABC Certificate for Food Safety in Catering (Level 2)


Amy Smorenberg

“Brett is a great teacher. I absolutely loved my time learning at Stir Crazy’s Superyacht Culinary Academy and couldn’t recommend it more. I look forward to attending more classes when I am back in Cape Town.”

Amy Smorenberg
Justin Nel

“When I began this course I had just come from three years of culinary art training and so thought I knew everything there was to know but now at the end I feel I have learnt more in this last week than all the three years combined. From charter planning and designing intricate menus to the fast-paced heated cooking and plating, all of which had a personal touch and feel as Brett was never far away to give advice or lend a helping hand. I would recommend this course to absolutely everyone whether you are wanting to further your culinary career or just love to cook as it’s just that little extra that takes ordinary to extraordinary”

Justin Nel
Gina Nivinson

“I found this course by chance and I am so grateful that I did. I have always kept busy in the kitchen and I never doubted my passion for cooking but what I really lacked was experience and most of all, confidence. Both of which I have received ten fold from completing the Superyacht Culinary Course with Brett. I loved that the course was so hands on and focused so much on the practical side of things and it was really beneficial working alongside a professional like Brett as he was always willing to teach, assist and give really constructive criticism. I also feel as though I’ve picked up on some awesome little techniques and tricks of the trade that will stick with me for the rest of my career. Overall the course was really informative, great value for money and I feel I have learnt a huge amount in a short period of time while also having loads of fun.  

Gina Nivinson
Philaine de Pinna

“What an amazing week we had doing the Superyacht Culinary Training course. We had lots of fun with great people and learnt so much about preparation and presentation and what it takes to serve up gourmet meals in confined spaces with limited time. It’s a great hands-on course and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to work on charter boats or superyachts.” 

Phileine De Pinna , S/V Kazenellenbogen


We work with the best in the business. We are proud of our association with our partners, who trust in us to deliver the best in services possible.
We’re continuously looking for and applying for new certification programmes and services to add to our profile to deliver the best qualifications for our students.


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