We are the only Internationally Accredited Superyacht Training Centre
offering one-stop training facilities in South Africa.

We are located at the Superyacht Training Academy
in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Chef class training at Superyacht Culinary Academy


The Superyacht Culinary Academy is one of the longest running professional training centres in South Africa, providing all aspects of training for Superyacht Crew for the past 10 years.

We have customised training programmes for individuals entering the exciting world of Superyachting as well as advanced training programmes for seasoned yacht crew wishing to improve their skills.

We are an internationally accredited and recognised training provider and have a 95% success rate for our students finding positions on board yachts



Our trainers are seasoned professionals who know the ins and outs of yachting and will impart this knowledge and experience with you during your training. Our courses are intense, rigorous and challenge students to excel in what they have chosen as a career path which helps build confidence and stamina in dealing with their daily tasks at sea.

We pride ourselves in releasing students into the industry that are not only proficient in every aspect of their training, but will also make us proud to be associated with the Superyacht Culinary Academy.       

Our Superyacht Training Centre in the V&A Waterfront is the perfect launchpad to start your career, where you’ll rub shoulders with seasoned professionals, top-quality trainers and gather inside information to embark on a career of travel, fun and an unparalleled lifestyle.


Click on the ‘play’ icon and explore our incredible facilities at the V & A Waterfront, in Cape Town, South Africa.


Our primary focus is training yacht crew to perform at their peak, offering 7-star service to guests and owners. Our training packages are perfectly tailored for any yachting career you choose, whether it be Superyacht Chef, Deckhand, Stewardess or a combination of these skills.

Our training programmes are internationally recognised and offer the best packages for you to start your career at sea.

We have the most up to date and industry-relevant course content and are continuously adding new and relevant courses to ensure your success in the world of yachting.

Whether you choose a career as a deckhand, superyacht chef or stewardess, our comprehensive training programmes will set you up to be the best you can be in any situation.



We have partnered with some of the best yachting service providers in the industry to offer you complete course packages.

Each package includes all the necessary training for you to prepare yourself for working in the industry as a fully qualified professional.

Packages may be tailored to suit your requirements and individual courses can be added or removed from your portfolio.


Recruiting professional personnel for private and charter yachts is a very specialised business, and we make sure that you’re equipped with the right information and knowledge to enter the world of maritime hospitality industry.

Our course programmes include a guidance booklet for yacht newbies and prepares you for all eventualities on board. We assist you in finding the best job to match your skills and ensure that you’re equipped with all the necessary documentation, information and knowledge to find your way into the best possible position.

We spend time with you preparing a CV, creating neccessary portfolios and run through interview processes to assist you in preparation for employment.  We also put you in contact with the leading yachting employment agencies and connections to make your search for the perfect position that much easier.



Marine Fire Fighting
Elementary First Aid
Personal Safety & Social Responsibility
Personal Safety Techniques
STCW Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)
Course Duration: 11 days

Course duration: 1 day
Cost: €140.00

Course duration: 5 days
Cost: €470.00

Course duration: 5 days
Cost: €510.00

Course duration: 1 day
Cost: €470.00

Course duration: 5 days
Cost: €510.00

Course duration:2 days
Cost: €222.00

Course duration: 1 day
Cost: €173.00

Course duration: 1 day
Cost: €140.00

Course duration: 1 day
Cost: €132.00

Course duration: 1 day
Cost: €132.00

Course duration: 6 days
Cost: €520.00

Course duration: 5 + 1 days
Cost: €995.00

Course duration: 5+2 days
Cost: €825.00

Course duration: 10 days
Cost: POA


Amy Smorenberg

“Brett is a great teacher. I absolutely loved my time learning at Stir Crazy’s Superyacht Culinary Academy and couldn’t recommend it more. I look forward to attending more classes when I am back in Cape Town.”

Amy Smorenberg
Justin Nel

“When I began this course I had just come from three years of culinary art training and so thought I knew everything there was to know but now at the end I feel I have learnt more in this last week than all the three years combined. From charter planning and designing intricate menus to the fast-paced heated cooking and plating, all of which had a personal touch and feel as Brett was never far away to give advice or lend a helping hand. I would recommend this course to absolutely everyone whether you are wanting to further your culinary career or just love to cook as it’s just that little extra that takes ordinary to extraordinary”

Justin Nel
Gina Nivinson

“I found this course by chance and I am so grateful that I did. I have always kept busy in the kitchen and I never doubted my passion for cooking but what I really lacked was experience and most of all, confidence. Both of which I have received ten fold from completing the Superyacht Culinary Course with Brett. I loved that the course was so hands on and focused so much on the practical side of things and it was really beneficial working alongside a professional like Brett as he was always willing to teach, assist and give really constructive criticism. I also feel as though I’ve picked up on some awesome little techniques and tricks of the trade that will stick with me for the rest of my career. Overall the course was really informative, great value for money and I feel I have learnt a huge amount in a short period of time while also having loads of fun.

Gina Nivinson
Philaine de Pinna

“What an amazing week we had doing the Superyacht Culinary Training course. We had lots of fun with great people and learnt so much about preparation and presentation and what it takes to serve up gourmet meals in confined spaces with limited time. It’s a great hands-on course and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to work on charter boats or superyachts.”

Phileine De Pinna , S/V Kazenellenbogen
Jean Tomsett, superyacht culinary academy Superyacht Chef

Brett and Brenda are AMAZING !!! They absolutely changed my life and it was the most incredible experience ever doing the Superyacht Culinary Course… I decided at 41 years old to get out of corporate and follow my dream of going on the super yachts in the Med and I honestly never thought it was possible… I left Cape Town to jobless to pursue my dream. I landed in Palma on the Sat and by the Monday I had 2 job offers as a Chef..

I am absolutely LOVING my new life and would highly recommend the Superyacht Culinary Academy for whatever you wanting to do in the culinary world…

Jean Tomsett
Sina, chef course student

I‘m a Dive Instructor and have been working in the Maldives the past two years. I wanted to get into the Yacht Industry as a Stewardess for a long time and have now decided to do it! I love cooking and was looking for something which would add great value to my Stewardess skills. I‘m so happy to have found The Superyacht Culinary Academy. Their course was an amazing experience and I have learned so much! This is a wonderful, unique course including really everything you need to know about being a chef aboard a Superyacht or, if you like me, are looking to expand your skillset as a Stewardess. Thank you Brett and Brenda for such a great time!

Sine Leupi
Jessi, stewardess student

What an incredible experience – two weeks of intense Culinary Training taught by talented and professional chefs! I honestly felt like I was in my own version of Yacht Masterchef. I have always been a bit of an amateur foodie and I always wanted to complete a culinary arts course. I found Superyacht Culinary Academy online, specifically aimed at Superyacht Crew and I decided to sign up!

I would highly recommend Brett’s Superyacht Culinary Academy for anyone who wants to improve their cooking skills, while gaining valuable practical experience in a casual but focused environment. I’m off to the British Virgin Islands for the upcoming Caribbean season! I am very excited to get back in the galley! Thanks again guys!

Jess Shipley
Sara, chef course student

I’m Sara Nelson born and raised in North Dakota. I’ve spent the past two seasons working as a Chef on small Catamarans in the Virgin Islands. I searched near and far for a Culinary Course to improve my skill set, build upon my foundation, and inspire new ideas. I’m so happy that I
found the Super Yacht Culinary Academy because a week under Brett’s instruction did just that.

It was truly a unique, challenging yet refreshing experience. I wish the Course was longer! Heading back to the Virgin Islands to pull the plastic off a brand new Sunreef Sailing 60ft Catamaran called ‘Relentless’.

Sara Nelson, S/V Relentless

I had such a wonderful experience whilst learning at the Superyacht Culinary Academy. Not only did Brett make me think for myself, but I walked away from the course wanting to experiment more – and that was the greatest gift that was given throughout the course – the spark of creativity.
After the course I feel prepared to be a chef on a yacht – from provisioning to creating beautifully presented, delicious food. It was an intense course but if you have worked on yachts you will know it can be just as intense, standards expected to pass are high – however you are taught in such a wonderful atmosphere by extremely professional chefs who guide you in a calm yet passionate way to ensure you are fully prepared. I could not of asked for better training.

Rebekah Allerton


We work with the best in the business. We are proud of our association with our partners,
who trust in us to deliver the best in services possible. We’re continuously looking for and applying for new certification
programmes and services to add to our profile to deliver the best qualifications for our students.


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