packing guide for yachting

Packing Guide For Yachting


  • Training – Checked
  • Job hunting – Checked
  • Interviews – Checked
  • First Job on a yacht – Checked

Now the next step is deciding what to pack?!

This can be quite daunting, so using a basic packing list can be very helpful.

First things first, the BAG… Yes for a soft bag, definitely no hard casings.


Essential Items to have on hand:

Identification and passage:
Passport, passport holder, drivers licence and ID, proof of address.  All documents need to be certified by a commissioner of oaths

All yachting certificates, diving records, other certifications

Chronic or daily medications (get 6 months’ worth and inform the yacht as soon as you join what medication you take)
Lavender oil, burn shield, seasick tablets and headache tablets
Sun block, after-sun treatment

World travel adaptor, Kindle/eBook, laptop/Ipad and camera
Phone and wherever you go, you should obtain a sim card for the area.  Phones with dual sim cards are useful
Headphones – to listen to music without disturbing others in your bunk
Go-pro and charger – ideal for taking with you, where your phone can’t go

Clothing and shoes:
Peak hat & Sunglasses
Mini headlamp
Light clothes – you’re not going anywhere in a hurry and most yachts will kit you out with a uniform.
Costume, dock shoes and boat shoes – on most boats you’ll go barefoot unless you’re in the galley
Plain golf shirts and skirt/pants for outings – you won’t wear the boat uniform off the boat

[Suggested list
3 x pairs of shorts, 2 x pairs of jeans/long pants, 5 x t-shirts, 5 x tank tops/nice going out tops, 2 x jumpers/sweaters, 1 x rain coat, 2 x dresses, 2 x workout outfits, 1 x PJ’s;
Shoes:  1 x flip flops, 1 x sandals, 1 x going out shoes,  1 x running shoes;
Ladies Underwear:  2 x good quality nude bras, 1 x regular bra, 2 x sports bras, 10 x underwear, 3 x everyday socks, 3 x secret socks and 3 x bikinis
Men’s Underwear:  10 x underpants, 3 x swim trunks]

If you’re a chef – your own knives
For ladies – Makeup, hair elastics & bobby pins, hairbrush
Sarong/light beach towel

Pre-trip planning:
Set up an international bank account or Paypal account.
Cloud storage for all your documentation