Light at the end of the Tunnel – Student Testimonial

“Light at the end of the Tunnel”

And some Great News from one of our Superyacht Culinary Students – Stephanie Pereira.

We are delighted to have received this wonderful feedback from Stephanie who successfully completed her course at the beginning of this year.  We are super proud of what she has accomplished!

Searching for a chef position on a yacht after the lockdown was not an easy task and Stephanie made use of all her resources and before she knew it, she was on a flight to Sardinia Italy and boarded a yacht anchored at the port of Golfo Aranci.

One of the biggest challenges she could overcome after her training at Superyacht Culinary Academy:

“I found that one of the most challenging tasks when starting a new position as a yacht chef were provisioning and portioning for a specific number of people and keep in mind that the galley has very limited space!  So my first two days after arriving onboard the yacht was to clean, repack and organize the galley so that it could start to resemble something practical and doable.  “

Her personal highlight of her experience so far:

“My absolute favourite thing was being able to go to the supermarkets here (they stock the most beautiful produce you have ever seen!) And add anything to my shopping cart, without any restrictions.  My biggest highlight was my first official lunch served to the main owner and his 5 guests on the yacht anchored at a place called ‘Moon Bay’.  This was my ‘debut’ and chance to impress the big boss.  It went so well that when I walked out to the table after the food was served and they were almost finishing eating, I was greeted with applause from the entire table (picture a backdrop of serene turquoise sea and white linen blowing in the wind), it was a moment so perfect, I would never forget.”

We look forward to hearing what happens next!

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