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Walk the Dock! Student Testimonial

Daniel Hirschberg completed a series of yachting courses including our SYCA course and found a job as a yacht chef within 2 weeks!

Lucky or just Determined and Willing to walk the Dock?

Hats off to Daniel Hirschberg who recently completed his Superyacht Culinary Training Course with us! We cannot explain how proud we are of you.

“Almost everyone said to me “But why do you dock walk? You’re a chef!” Sure, for those chefs who have years of experience, dock walking is not necessary, but I had a very small amount of experience as a chef and absolutely none as a yacht chef. So the lesson is, don’t be too proud to dock walk!”

Here is a bit more feedback from him and some valuable advice, all the way from Monaco:

“I completed a series of yachting courses, including the Superyacht Culinary Academy course and the next step was job hunting in the Med.  I decided to fly to Nice and went to the yachting port of Antibes.  I went dock walking every day, applied to every yacht crew website there was and visited every crew agency I could.

Eventually, one of my daily dock walks turned into an opportunity, as I heard of an opening for a yacht chef on a yacht in Monaco. So I hopped on the train to Monaco and handed in my CV.  I was invited back for an interview and a trial weekend and after a successful weekend I was given the job as a yacht chef.

So far, I’ve seen some beautiful places, swam in the most crystal clear Greek waters, saw the Amalfi coast for the first time, saw volcano Stromboli erupting in front of my eyes, caught Tuna off the coast of France and of course partying in Monaco!”

Daniel this sounds so amazing and we look forward to seeing more pictures! All the best!

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