Jean Tomsett

From Surgical Rep to Yacht Chef! Student Testimonial

From Surgical Rep to Yacht Chef!

We are excited to share Jean Tomsett’s story and journey of becoming a yacht chef.

“My life path to where I am now has been exhilarating, interesting and occasionally scary. “

This is one of the most inspirational testimonials we have ever received.

Jean was a successful surgical rep in the medical industry and excelled in her work as one of the top achievers at the company. But she never felt fulfilled and always thought she missed her true calling. She had her son at the age of 21, so the idea of working on a yacht became a memory of the past.

However, when her son matriculated in 2018 she encouraged him to pursue a career in the yachting industry and he signed up for all of the Deckhand courses at the Superyacht Training Academy. It is then when she decided to join him and quit the medical industry. She booked all the STCW courses, to be able to become a stewardess on-board a yacht and travel the world.

As part of the Stewardess Course, you have to do Food Hygiene Level 2, this is taught by Brett Nussey from the Superyacht Culinary Academy. Brett also trains the Superyacht chefs and after chatting to him and seeing him and his team cook up a storm in the kitchen, this gave her an idea…

By the time she left after the Food safety course, she knew her purpose was to become a chef.

So she signed up for the Superyacht Culinary Chef Course and passed with flying colours. Once qualified she packed her life up in one bag and headed for Palma in Spain.

After 3 days of job hunting, she found her first break, signed the contract and flew to Trapani in Sicily.

On her way to the airport, she requested a picture of the ‘yacht’ and was quite shocked when it looked like a fishing vessel! And found herself quite disappointed.

To her disbelieve, this was no fishing vessel, but rather a research vessel that retrieved ancient historic artefacts.

On her first day, they retrieved a Roman helmet from the war that 250BC and she ended up having to cook for the crew, presidential visitors, as well as the media.

“You never know where life will take you, enjoy the journey, but never be fooled by the appearance of the boat you will be working on. You have no idea where it will eventually lead you….”